Integrity for many is a key corporate value and the subject of recent blogs by PR industry leaders.  While there is no “i” in team, there are two in integrity. 

Integrity is a very personal attribute and formed a key part of the family background I was born into.  As such, I grew up with a strong sense of honesty and adherence to moral principles.  Whatever I have done, right, wrong or indifferent, I have done on the basis of personal integrity.  To do otherwise tears me up inside and whenever I have been tempted to act without it, I have soon avoided such temptation or been forced to backtrack, with relevant apologies, in order to calm my inner self.

I recall reading about an Ethics debate in PR Week in 2007 and being so disappointed with the outcome that I can still remember it eight years later (click here).  However, until revisiting it online this week, I had forgotten that one of the key debaters against the motion “PR has a duty to tell the truth” was Max Clifford...  The motion was defeated by 138 to 124. 

In today’s digital environment, I think the truth matters more than ever.  Something, that international PR advisor Stuart Bruce highlighted in his blog last week (click here)

I wonder what the result would be if PR week were to re-run their ethics debate today? 

 Yours believing he has a duty to tell the truth,